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Total Access will be DSPFCU’s new Home and Mobile Banking System, debuting on October 20,

Do I use the same log-in information to get logged in?
No, you will need to re-register for DSPFCU Total Access using your member number, email
address, phone number, and social security number.

Can I use the same app that is currently on my phone?
No, you will need to download the DSPFCU Total Access app in the Apple and Google Play Store
on or after October 20.

How do I log on on from a desktop computer or without the app?
To log on without the app, go to and select the option to login in
the upper right-hand corner.

I am getting an error message when attempting to register for the first time; what is wrong?
Your email and telephone number are required as part of the verification process. If they do not
match what we have on file, it will give you an error message. Please call, and we will be happy
to assist you

Will I be able to link my other accounts in home banking so that I can view them under the
same sign-on?

Yes, call in; we will be happy to assist!

Will my bill pay information transfer to the new home-banking platform?
Yes, all of your bill pay information should transfer to the new platform. We do recommend
that you write the information down, though, as a precaution.

Can I customize account names in Total Access?
Yes, in Total Access, click on the account record you wish to change; a drop down will display
and select settings. From the settings drop down, you will have the option to rename the share.

How do I transfer funds to another member?
In Total Access, select the Member Transfer option. You will need to know the members’ name,
member number, whether it is a share account or loan you wish to transfer to, and the share ID.

I lost my card. Can I report it lost online, or do I need to call?
Under the new card management, you have the capability to either block your card temporarily
or report it lost/stolen. If you have simply misplaced and need some more time to look, simply
set the green toggle button to the off position to de-activate your card. Once you have located
it, you can switch it back to on to re-activate the card. If you lost your card or it was stolen, select
the option to report it lost or stolen.