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Killed In The Line of Duty Loan Protection (KILOD)

While it’s not a topic anyone likes to think about, we’ve taken steps to offer Killed in the Line of Duty Loan Protection to members who are active, full-time law enforcement officers who have a qualified loan at DSPFCU.

What Does This Protection Do?

If a law enforcement member is killed in the line of duty, their complete debt obligation with the credit union ($10,000 minimum up to a combined maximum of $850,000) is wiped away, forgiven and not passed on to their families. The best part is, this protection is paid for by DSPFCU and not by the member.

How Do You Qualify?

To qualify for Killed in the Line of Duty Loan Protection, simply ask about this special coverage when your finance your next home, auto, or other qualified loans with the Credit Union, and be an active, full-time law enforcement officer employed by a federal, state, county or municipal agency. Exclusions include: death from suicide, the covered person is aged 70+, death occurs prior to the effective date of the protection, death occurs as a result of a crime committed by the borrower, atomic explosion, war, and/or terrorism.

Eligible Loans

Mortgage and home equity loans
Auto loans
Personal Loans
Unsecured loans
Credit cards

Ask about this coverage for members who are active law enforcement officers when you apply for your next DSPFCU loan

Ask for additional details regarding program exclusions, terms and conditions.