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Kasasa Protect® Comprehensive Identity Fraud Defense

There’s a battle underway for your identity, and as you know criminals don’t fight fair. Last year alone, identity fraud affected over 16.7 million victims in the U.S. Make sure you’re ready with Kasasa Protect comprehensive identity fraud defense. This one-stop defensive strategy helps protect you against identity theft, credit card fraud, data breaches, and other deceptive attacks. Kasasa Protect operates 24/7, monitoring your sensitive information, providing reports, and intervening as needed with lost wallet protection, dark web monitoring, identity restoration, and annual credit reports. Add Kasasa Protect and breathe easier.

Get Kasasa Protect for $7.99/month when you have a Kasasa checking account, $5.99 for joint Kasasa checking account holders, and $11.99 for all other checking account holders.